Wedding Party

Anneliese Rinaldi

Maid of Honor

Annie and Carrie met in middle school at the American School in London and have survived many shenanigans and spontentous adventures together. They have been close friends ever since even while they are far apart physically, with Annie living in London and Carrie in California. From the start of their friendship, Carrie promised that Annie would be her Maid of Honor one day...

Anne Van Gorp


Carrie and Anne met at USC when Anne became Carrie’s sorority Big Sis. The two bonded immediately and Anne was Carrie's guardian angel throughout college. Anne, Carrie and Dominique are all part of the same “family” in their sorority, so it’s so special to have them here for the big day.

Dominique Astorino


Carrie and Dom met at USC through their sorority sisters and share a mututal love for working out and eating well. Dom, Anne and Carrie are spread across California now-SF, LA, SD-but they make time to catch up whenever the other is in town.

Laura Lindeen McMahon


Laura is Carrie's sister in law. Laura and Carrie's brother, Christopher, got married in June of this year. With a mutual love for cozy socks, tea and having birthdays one day apart, they were destined to be sisters.

Elise Running


Elise is Dane's big sister and Carrie and Elise have shared many laughs, dance parties and trips together! You'll likely find these two on the dance floor on the wedding day. Elise lives in Petaluma, so she is excited to have everyone in her hood.

JJ Sedlock

Best Man

Dane and JJ met freshman year in high school while both trying out for the men's varsity golf team. They ended up becoming best friends, spending every weekend together, and playing in countless golf tournaments around the country. They still stay very close (Dane was JJ's Best Man). JJ currently lives in Salt Lake City.

Kevin McCormick


Dane and Kevin met freshman year at USC when they became fraternity brothers. They remained close throughout college and funnily enough, are both living in San Francisco and working at the same company, Flexport!

Danny Tieu


Dane and Danny met at USC and became very close friends and fraternity brothers. Danny is Dane's fraternity little brother. Danny lives in Fremont, not too far from SF, so they still get to see each other often.

Tom Honda


Tom is Dane's fraternity big brother. They met during "rush" Dane's freshman year at USC and have been close friends since. Tom currently lives in LA, but stays close with Dane and the rest of the Bay Area crew.

Cody Frank


Dane and Cody were fraternity brothers at USC. Cody moved up to San Francisco a few years ago and lives in the Marina, not too far from Dane's and Carrie's apartment. They frequently grab lunch during work and watch football and sports together.

Rohit Verma


Dane and Rohit were also fraternity brothers at USC. Rohit currently lives in San Jose and makes it up to SF frequently to hang with the group.
Kelly Ventura