Our very first picture together. The night Dane asked Carrie to be his girlfriend! April 12th, 2014.
Dane's graduation from USC. Spring 2014
Paris! Summer 2014
Ice bar in London, England! Summer 2014
Morro Bay! Summer 2014
Rooftop dinner in downtown LA during our long distance phase. Fall 2014
Exploring downtown SF during our long distance days! Summer 2014
Our first halloween together! Mr. and Mrs. Claus (Dane LOVES Christmas!) October 2014
Christmas time! Winter 2014
Bears vs. Niners game! Reppin' our teams!
Wine tasting in Paso Robles! Feb. 2015
Wedding time! March 2015
1 year together! April 2015
Santa Monica pier! Spring 2015
6 months left of long distance! Brunchin' in downtown Walnut Creek. Summer 2015
Picnics in Walnut Creek, CA. Summer 2015
Outside Lands in SF. Summer 2015
Summer 2015. 6 months left of long distance. Carrie would be moving up to NorCal soon!
SF Giants game! Summer 2015
Dane visiting Carrie in LA during long distance!
Throwing ourselves a Hawaiian themed dinner party!
Fall flannel brunch outing! October 2015
Burger and fries! Halloween 2015.
Long distance is OVER! Carrie graduates USC Dec. 2015 and moves up to SF!
Experimenting a new look in Carmel, CA. Winter 2015
3D minigolf in Monterey! December 2015
SF Brewery tour for Dane's 24th birthday! 2016
Brunch cruise in SF! Spring 2016
Supporting our Golden State Warriors! Spring 2016
Carrie walks at graduation at USC! Spring 2016
Outdoor lunch in Alameda, CA. Summer 2016
Being silly in SF. Summer 2016
Wine tasting in Napa! Fall 2016
Brunchin' in Walnut Creek! Where we used to live!
Cuddled up in Tahoe! November 2016
Tahoe in the snow! Thanksgiving 2016
Watching the USC bowl game at a local bar! Jan. 2017
Being silly in Las Vegas! Jan. 2017
Out and about in Tiburon, CA! January 2017
Wine tasting in Sonoma for our three year anniversary! April 2017
Picnic time in SF! Spring 2017
Golden State Warriors game! Spring 2017
One of our many picnics in SF on a warm, sunny day! Spring 2017
St. Barts, Caribbean. May 2017
Lounging on the beach in St. Barts! May 2017
Caribbean vibes. May 2017
Sunset smooches.
Exploring downtown Charlotte, NC. May 2017
Clay Pigeon shooting in Scotland! Summer 2017
Glen Eagles, Scotland! Summer 2017
Shakespeare festival in Tahoe. Summer 2017
South lake Tahoe fun! September 2017
Exploring downtown Denver, CO! Fall 2017
Wedding in SF! Fall 2017
Halloween in SF! NERDS! 2017
Truckee, CA. Thanksgiving 2017
Pacific Grove, CA. Dec. 2017
Carrie's company holiday party! Winter 2017
Hiking in Point Reyes! Jan. 2018
Wine tasting in Napa! Feb. 2018
Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy! Feb. 2018
Smooches at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy! Feb. 2018
London Eye smooches! Fe. 2018
Statue of David in Florence, Italy! Feb. 2018
Exploring Trastevere in Italy! Feb. 2018
Smooches in Carrie's hometown, London! Feb. 2018
Dinner at the Tonga Room in SF! March 2018
Sausalito cocktails! April 2018
Hiking in Tahoe! Spring 2018
Dog sledding in Alaska! June 2018
Alaskan cruise! June 2018
Annual Dane day! We plan a surprise day for each other once a year called "Dane day" and "Carrie day". July 2018
Smooch stop while hiking in South Lake Tahoe! July 2018.
Wine tasting near Russian River Valley! August 2018
Lunch in Tahoe City! Summer 2018
Cocktails at the tiki bar in Tahoe! Summer 2018
The proposal shot! Best day ever. September 8th, 2018
ENGAGED! September 8th, 2018 at Ram's Gate winery in Sonoma!
Post engagement happiness! September 2018
Brunch in Walnut Creek! October 2018.
Warriors game time! Oct. 2018
Hanging out in Jack London Square, Oakland. October 2018.
Mario and Luigi for Halloween. Oct. 2018!
Right after we put up Christmas decorations! Always on November 1st! 2018
Thanksgiving in Tahoe! 2018
Tahoe happiness! Nov. 2018
Carrie's company holiday party! December 2018
Walking around Union Square to look at Christmas decorations! Dec. 2018
Pacific Grove! Dec. 2018
Spanish Bay Beach, Pacific Grove. Dec. 2018
Cave wine tasting tour in Sonoma! Dec. 2018
Wine tasting time in Sonoma! Dec. 2018
Engagement shoot with Olivia Richards. December 2018
Engagement shoot with Olivia Richards. December 2018
Engagement shoot with Olivia Richards. December 2018
Engagement shoot with Olivia Richards. December 2018
Engagement shoot with Olivia Richards. December 2018
Engagement shoot with Olivia Richards. December 2018
Engagement shoot with Olivia Richards. December 2018
Engagement shoot with Olivia Richards. December 2018
Kelly Ventura