Carrie and Dane

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Our Story

Carrie and Dane met in April 2014 at USC at a party Dane’s fraternity hosted which was “nerd” themed. Carrie’s first memory was seeing Dane dressed in suspenders, argyle socks, a plaid bow tie and dorky glasses - he was quite the looker! Despite funny first impressions, Carrie and Dane hit it off and thereafter were nearly inseparable as they enjoyed spontaneous dates around downtown LA, exploring the city and getting to know each other better. Their “forever future” had begun!

Dane graduated in May 2014 and headed to San Francisco to start his career. Carrie still had two years left at USC so they committed to a long-distance relationship. That meant bi-weekly Southwest Airlines flights, hundreds of Skype “dinner and movie” dates and making the most of short weekends together. Carrie, ever determined, doubled down on classes and took summer school so she could graduate early and they could be together sooner. And that’s what she did, moving to the Bay Area in December 2015 to launch her career and be with the man of her dreams.

Today there is never a dull moment with these two - they love to throw at-home theme nights, surprise the other with annual “Dane Day” and “Carrie Day” events, cross off activities from their mutual bucket list, try out new bars and restaurants in the Bay Area, wine taste in Napa and Sonoma and travel as much as possible.

In September 2018, Dane took Carrie on one of their “usual” wine tasting Saturdays to Ram’s Gate Winery in Sonoma - one of their favorites. There he got down on one knee and asked the love of his life to marry him. It was a big “YES!” from Carrie as they embraced and cried, unknowingly all in front of a clapping winery tour group!

* * * *

We are so excited to become husband and wife and start this next chapter with all of you on October 5th at Stemple Creek Ranch!
Kelly Ventura